Letter to the editor – transparency


Dear Editor,

To date, there have now been nine special day time meetings since March that the residents have not been privy to if unable to attend in person during the day. Four of these meetings have minutes posted, which if being honest, don’t give you a lot of information. We were told this was due to technical issues, but live streaming should be up and running by mid June. Still waiting. What I find so frustrating is there is no real excuse for shutting the majority of the populace out by not streaming. Council refuses to use a room (council chambers) that the meetings could be streamed because in their words, they prefer holding meetings in a less formal setting. Evidently, their preference for less “formality” is more important than the transparency that was promised. If transparency was indeed as important as they all claimed, they would be using the room all could access via streaming until the “technical issues” were resolved.

B. Barclay-Smith


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