Letter to the Editor – Tourism Coordinator


Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to the article about the tourism coordinator being hired by the municipality. I read the article with great interest to the end to see if this was a joke, an early 1st of April Fool or simply an advertisement for an extra strong Canabis. Am I surprised that the township wants to spend $132K to make Kemptville a “world class state of the art tourism destination”? I certainly am not. After the Wellington St. project, now probably $3M, picnic tables at $1k each, subsidized apartments where the builder reaps the benefit of the potential tenants, etc etc. What is there in Kemptville that could attract tourists? I will suggest almost nothing except the Kemptville music festival. We had the Ribs festival but it is my understanding that the township wanted too much money for the rental of the parking lot. The downtown is a mix of empty buildings, a few basic restaurants and some shops that local people enjoy. There is nothing there to attract tourists. The only thing we can hope (outside of a miracle) is that people en route to Merrickville stop for a coffee, a hot dog or an ice cream. Suggestion….if you offer a $10 gift card to visitors, with $132k this will-represent more than 13,000 potential tourists…the best you could probably achieve….another poor use of our taxpayer dollars.

Yves St-Pierre


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