Letter to the editor – theft in Kemptville


Dear Editor,

My friend had her wallet stolen from her purse in the Walmart parking lot in Kemptville this week. A man approached her and distracted her by being distressed about something and when he pointed at something in the distance she looked and he stole her wallet from her purse. The purse was tied to the shopping cart and she had just momentarily opened it to get her keys to get into her car. My friend is in her 80’s. She was unaware that the wallet was stolen until her bank called her to say that there was suspicious activity in her accounts.

I guess I am naïve, but I was a bit shocked that this happened in Kemptville. Not that something was stolen, as we all keep a good eye on our purse. But that someone had actually interacted with their target. I assume these things happen in the city, so we are more protective and aware. Perhaps you could warn people that these things are happening in our community and not to be fearful, but to be aware.

Thanks for your time,
Michele Philp


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