Letter to the Editor – The battle of evermore


Dear Editor,

In reference to the article, “The battle of evermore”, in the January 19, 2022 edition of the North Grenville times, I would like to say that, yes, history and heritage is important for tourism. My recent experience about this occurred when I placed a seed order with a company in southern Ontario. I actually had to speak to someone, because the on-line ordering was not working. This person was confirming that I live in Kemptville and I mentioned that the International Plowing Match was taking place in September in North Grenville. I explained that it was being held at the old Kemptville agriculture college grounds with easy access to the events and the Rural EXPO, which will certainly be worth visiting. He was very excited about this and asked if there were heritage sites to visit as well, since he and his girlfriend like to learn the history of places they visit. I said yes and that he could get in contact with the North Grenville Historical Society. Here is an example that heritage and history are important for tourism. 

My question is, is the North Grenville Historical Society going to have a booth at the IPM?

And before anyone says anything, yes, I have volunteered to help at the IPM. Have You?

Lynn Paibomesai


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