Letter to the editor – thank you


Dear Editor,

I have been meaning to write a thank you letter to you and the North Grenville Times for many months now. Our family moved to Kemptville in November 2015 and I remember when I got our first North Grenville Times; I sat down to read it and I learned remarkably fast what an incredible and amazing community we had moved to and I knew that our family would cherish living here and that we would fit right in with the big hearted people who live and contribute to the community here!

Thank you for teaching me about how to be a member of this community through all of your articles sharing of the greatness that there is here in North Grenville! We knew we were moving to a great place when we were working with the marvellous team at Lockwood Brothers Construction and then our fabulous impression continued to grow with every article we read in the Times and with every neighbour we met. We have benefited beyond measure living here and we are very grateful to be a part of this community. We are home-schooling our daughter and there are so many fantastic opportunities here, including the Kemptville District Soccer Club, the Kemptville Warriors, the Kemptville Players Inc. Kids and the Kemptville Youth Music Theatre Company, to name a few. Our daughter also had a Christmas poem published in the Times, as well as her letter to the editor about illegal dumping a few months ago. We were all so sincerely touched that the Times offers such opportunities to children!

Since moving here, we’ve become involved as coaches of sports, teachers of kids yoga at Bodhi Tree, active library users, Saltastic clients, enjoyers of the foods of the local restaurants and coffee shops and we’ve learned and shared so much with our wonderful neighbours. I really feel that the Times is playing a crucial role in helping new comers to get with the “times” and become involved with this amazing community. Honestly, we moved to Kemptville looking for more land, forests and peace and quiet and we’ve had our hearts and eyes opened beyond what we could have ever expected by also being a part of this great community. Thank you so much to the Times for helping us learn about all this community has to offer. I really appreciate you all!

Take care,
Bradlee Zrudlo


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