Letter to the editor – thank you


Dear Editor,

I want to thank the many people who helped me retrieve my car keys and fob after I lost them at the Smiths Falls VIA Station. First, the gentleman who helped me obtain a parking ticket for my car. (I had never used the machine before and was in a bit of a muddle: 6.00 a.m. is not my best time to learn new procedures!); second, the train man who listened to my tale of woe and promised to have his brother take a look around the Smiths Falls station and let me know the results when I returned the following week. He did, and his brother had no luck finding the keys. Third, the person who indeed did find the key case (including more than $50 cash), dropped it into a mail box where it was picked up by a local mail driver (thank you), and eventually delivered to the Scarborough Post Office Terminal. Fourth, the friend who picked me up at the Smiths Falls station on my return and drove me home to pick up another set of keys and return to pick up the car.

Fifth, the people at War Amps who called to ask if perhaps I had lost a set of keys and could I describe them, please. Sixth, the receptionist at the Scarborough Post Office who asked me to describe the key case and its contents, and told me that they had the key case and would forward it to me. Seventh, the postal worker who arrived at my door four days later with the keys carefully wrapped, Post Office-style, with a money order for the cash found in the key case.

Finally, the kind people at my garage who were able to produce another key fob before I knew that my own had been found.

Thank you, one and all. I can only say that I trust that my story with its happy ending will help to balance some of the doom and gloom that too frequently fills our newspapers and radio stations.

Helen Brazier


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