Letter to the Editor – Thank You


Dear Editor,

First, I want to extend my congratulations to you, and all the NG Times staff, and participating supporters, for this major milestone. Kudos.

Second, I want to thank you for this particular issue, Vol. 9, No. 43. Several of your articles have struck home with me….

“Small steps”…by Steve Gabell. His explanation of energy demands resulting from the global use of the internet was an excellent piece. His suggestion for us to begin using Ecosia as an alternative to Google search and browser products is right on. A simple step that individuals can take. Worth a visit to ecosia.org to check it out. A remarkable organization.

“The Ultimate Disease”…by W.Gifford Jones. This brought back memories of the book “Nature’s End” by Whitley Streiber and James Kunetka which I read in 1987, the year it was published. It has been my very accurate and prophetic guide to what has happened and is happening to the global environment. Not a pretty picture… but equally not surprising.

And finally two excellent articles by Philip Fry, and Fred Schueler two outstanding environmentalists we luckily have in our midst.

Please, David, more of these thought provoking articles. We need these.

Dale Cameron


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