Letter to the Editor – Thank You


Dear Editor,

Rain, Rain, Rain.  Thank you so much to the drivers on Concession Road, Friday morning March 26.  I was walking my two dogs headed to Prescott Street and got splashed by only three cars!  There are many cars on Concession in the morning headed to the schools, hospital, day care, delivery trucks  etc.  Friday morning it was pouring rain, with puddles on Concession the size of small ponds.  I am so thankful for the drivers who slowed down, moved over as safely as possible, to avoid splashing me and my dogs.  Not only did so many slow down when passing me, but waved ‘good morning’ as they drove by. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and making a dreary, crappy day a happy one!  

Peggy Duperron 

The Lady with the Two Dogs 


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