Letter to the Editor – Thank You


Dear Editor,

At least once a week, I shop at Jonssons’ Your Independent Grocer in Kemptville. Using one hand to push a large grocery cart in front of me, I steer my wheelchair with the other. The unusual system works well: grocery bags hang from my wheelchair, my phone with the grocery list lies on the front edge of the cart.

But this letter is not about me, nor is it about my unconventional shopping style. It is about Jonssons’ helpful owners, employees, and customers. From the moment I enter, both customers and staff are quick to offer assistance. It never fails that, as soon as my unusual caravan of wheelchair and cart appears, at least one customer volunteers to push me or my cart while I shop. There are always employees racing around as they fill curbside pickup orders. When I ask where something is, they take the time to get it for me, or they lead me to where it is. If I head down an aisle and what I want is on the top shelf, someone always asks if I need assistance. I graciously refuse, thank them profusely, and then stand up. Supported by my braced right leg, I can always reach what I need. Last week, a shopper who must have witnessed some of the many offers of help, laughed when she saw me at the checkout. “What you need is a flag flying from your wheelchair: Thanks everyone for your kind offers of help, but I can manage!”

When I checkout, the staff are always friendly. Steve, the owner, sometimes bags my groceries. Best of all, one of the staff always takes my groceries out and loads them in my car. Everybody is kind, helpful, and cheerful.

Grocery shopping is never a chore at Jonssons’ Your Independent Grocer because its owners, employees, and customers make it an enjoyable experience. Shopping at Jonssons’ has shown me the best side of humanity. Jonssons’ is a shining example of the wonderful community in which we live. Thank you to Steve & Sylvie Jonsson, your staff, and your customers.

Claire Smith


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