Letter to the Editor – Thank You


Dear Editor,

I am so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the thoughts and well-wishes as I left my position as Executive Director of Seniors’ Community Services (SCS). It was so nice being able to connect with a few people to say goodbye; however, with social distancing, it was impossible for us to gather. That being said, Ann Miller, Carol Friesen, and Jennifer Graham, the phenomenal staff at SCS, collected the emails, notes, cards, well wishes, and items from people over the past weeks and put everything together in the most beautiful presentation on my last day at work. In this time of social isolation, when it was just the four of us, everyone needs to know that they did you proud!

Ann, Carol and Jennifer were all so understanding of my freely flowing tears as I took it all in. The kind words and remembrances continued to bring tears and smiles. In fact, I had to wait until Saturday morning to reread everything, as it was truly touching that so many took the time to put ‘pen to paper’.

Thank you to Bill Forbes and Aaron Nichols, representing the Board of Directors, for stopping by the office on my last day and conveying their best wishes. I know that your vision for the organization will continue with the great team of volunteers, Jennifer, Carol, Ann, and your new Executive Director.

Many thanks to Maggie Boyer and David Shanahan, owners of the North Grenville Times, for being an advocate for the seniors of this area, as well as a great supporter of Seniors’ Community Services (SCS). This has led to higher visibility for the great programs and services at SCS, and helping connect people.

To say that I am going to truly miss all of you is an understatement! The many ways in which each of you has enhanced my life is immeasurable, and has left an enduring impression on me.

Wishing everyone happiness,
Susan E. Smith


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