Letter to the editor – thank you


Dear Editor,

Thank you for “Who won the War of 1812″. Very important, in my opinion, to underdstand just how that went down. Laura Secord was a hero. Also, it appears, that the British Commander, James Fitzgibbon, was a very wise Irishman and a hero. We should be paying homage to Techumseh, of course.

It is definitely a blight on us that have British heritage to turn on those people who saved us, stealing their lands, and we still have no respect for what little they do have left. Think pipelines. Not in my back yard.

Think residential schools and how Sir John A, and others, destroyed their lives for the most part. They are still struggling with horrible social injustices. A very close relative of mine once referred to a young woman in Ottawa, who the police “very roughly” took down in the Byward Market, and handcuffed and was treated very badly, which, in my opinion, appeared unjustified. The person referred to her as the “garbage of society”. I think she was indigenous. We have a lot to learn.

Thank you, David, for teaching us. It’s difficult. Some of us do not learn so well.

Kath Piché


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