Letter to the editor – thank you


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your very interesting Editorial entitled “Twist and Shout”. I am also not a fan of the U.S. President. In yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen was an article by Andrew Cohen entitled “Trump will never be the Empathizer-in-Chief”. He refers to J.F.K. showing kindness to a Secret Service Agent standing outside in the cold. He invited him to come inside, but the Agent refused. He brings him a warm coat and hot chocolate and goes out and sits with him.

He also speaks of other Presidents who showed acts of kindness to those around them.

He states: “Each, in his own way, understood instinctively that of all the elements of character that a President must project to comfort and console the country, the greatest is empathy”.

Thank you again. My sense of sanity has been challenged lately by at least two people who have said: “Well, Trudeau is just as bad as Trump”. Quoting yourself, “There are times when I despair of people”.

Kath L. Piché


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