Letter to the Editor – Terry Meagher


Dear Editor, 

I was saddened to read about the recent passing of Terry Meagher, a true gentleman and community minded person, a “mensch”, as our Jewish friends would say….. and to show the respect with which he was held, he would often be called upon by them to make up the “minion” so that a service could be held in the synagogue just off Saunders Street. One had to have ten men for a service to proceed. I would also like to mention an additional project which Terry organized and promoted in the early 2010’s.

Our family arrived in Kemptville in 2009, and in the Fall of that year I received a phone call from Terry, a complete stranger at the time. I answered the phone and he asked if someone, whose name I can’t remember, was there, because he wanted him to sing in a choir. I replied that the person was not here, but that I had sung in choirs for many years (true). He replied that if I was interested, I could join a group he was forming – a four piece band, two or three soloists, and a group of about ten singers – to record some Korean War songs. Of course, I jumped at the chance, and that was how I ended up as part of Terry’s project to record “Songs of The Combat Soldier”. Some of you may remember the performances in the Kemptville and other Legions in the area, or you may still have copies of the CD.

After the project was over, I asked him why he was doing it, because I don’t think he made a great deal of money on the Project, and he replied that it was to keep a promise to a friend, and I noticed that nowhere on the CD’s jacket does he list his name as being the force behind the project. Terry was a modest and caring person who will be missed in our community.


Robert Angi


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