Letter to the editor – survey


Dear Editor,

So, we residents are once again being asked to complete a survey on garbage and recycling and, unfortunately looks like no more thought was put into this one than the last attempt. Does council not look at these things before they go out?


Question 6 lacks some basic info before I can make an informed response. The question should contain info as to possible costs to municipality, cost of green bin tags to resident, frequency of pickup in summer/winter, cost to provide green bins.

Question 7: Choice should be asked as to annual or semiannual charge by tag? How much?

General: what will the contractor charge the municipality to pick up and dispose of green bin waste? Will this waste be trucked separately from the transfer station to…where? Or, will the green box waste just be dumped in with the rest of garbage at the transfer station.

Without some indication of costs, I suggest this survey is useless.

Bill Gooch
Former Mayor


  1. A preliminary general survey asking for opinions on different proposals is neither useless, nor does it need detailed financial information to make an informed opinion.


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