Letter to the editor – street cleaning


Dear Editor,

The residents at Dr. Gordon Crescent have a very nice Mail Kiosk complete with roof, lovely on a wet or snowy day; however, sometime during the month of March, the Kemptville street cleaning crew did a fair job of cleaning Dr. Gordon Crescent from all the salt, sand etc. which was used during the winter months.

We all pay our fair share of property taxes and I would assume that the concrete the mail kiosk is sitting on is part of Dr. Gordon, this small piece of town property has more salt & sand than most streets in our town, why did the cleaning crew not clear this piece?

But we the residents wish to THANK Carol Holmes for taking on this task, no one asked her to do it, she took the initiative to clear this mess up.

To Carol from all the residents “you did a wonderful clean-up”.

The Residents of Dr. Gordon Crescent


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