Letter to the editor – speed limits


Dear Editor,

I recently read of Council’s efforts to address speed limits and people driving too fast on the streets of greater Kemptville. It is great that Council is putting a focus on the issue of cars speeding on our roads. This is one of those issues that keeps coming up when residents get into what bugs them. There are North Grenville roads and Leeds Grenville county roads through much of the municipality. But it seems there is little alignment in how things are approached by each level of government. It is also not really clear how speed limits are decided and set…and what priority the OPP is able to put on this to make speed limits effective. So lots to do here and Council could play a great leadership role in working with the various players. Having said that, all of us could do our part in not exceeding the current posted limits and enjoy the ride through our great country roads.

Mitch Bloom Oxford Mills


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