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Dear Editor,

I am somewhat surprised at the level of hostility being directed at myself and/or the North Grenville Times, as generated by my opinion article in last week’s Times. It appears that the title which was meant to grab attention was not understood. It was not an attack on Mr. McCormick, but was my opinion of the process. I was saying that Mr McCormick was a winner which was obvious by the number of votes he had cast for him, but that the electorate as a whole was the loser, because the people who voted for him essentially lost their vote and they will never know why. That may be OK with some, but I feel that, if I had voted for him, I would feel cheated and owed a proper explanation as he did not, in my opinion, live up to the confidence the electorate placed in him. It is surprising the level of vitriol that exists on the WEB, where there is no requirement to give your name or properly identify yourself. I am not a reporter for the Times, but I would be proud to work for them if the occasion was to arise; but, for now, I am a concerned citizen who is lucky enough to live in a community and a country where a person can express their opinion. As someone once said: I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it. I am a person who cares about my community and I feel very positive in our future with the Mayor and council we now have. I will continue to contribute to the Times when and where an issue draws me in.

David Herman


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