Letter to the editor – social distancing


Dear Editor,

I was so insulted when I read the letter to the editor from Nick Brooks.

How dare he say that people and tourists to our village of Merrickville are not practicing social distancing and wearing of face masks. Driving through the village makes him an expert on our village? We the business owners have worked very hard to make our village safe for ourselves and visitors. We have gone through some hefty expenses to make our shops and restaurants accessible by following all the government regulations during this time of Covid. Masks are not mandatory outside… so complaining about someone on the sidewalk with a mask is ridiculous.

Does everyone one in Kemptville walk around with their masks on? How dare he single out Merrickville as a place that is not complying with all guidelines. I watch people on the sidewalks and they move about to give each other the required space….they wear their masks in our shops…. with no complaints…and are polite and courteous to us shop owners.

They use the hand sanitizer we provide at our own expense. So Nick Brooks had better do some better research before he slams Merrickville again. We have not had 1 case of Covid in our village and pride ourselves on how well the residents and businesses have worked together to keep everyone safe during this Pandemic.

Tammy Best
Owner of My Vintage Revamped


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