Letter to the Editor- smoke detectors


Dear Editor,

G.D. Bungay raised some important issues concerning fire inspections and the use of smoke detectors.

The Ottawa Fire Services conducted home inspections until the early 1980’s. The inspections were carried out by firefighting crews within their own fire districts.

The inspections focused on furnaces, combustible fire loads, electrical hazards, and smoke detectors.

For a variety of reasons, firefighter home inspections came to an end. However, emergency calls and checking hazards within their districts provided crews the opportunity to address fire safety concerns in homes they visited.

Old or missing smoke detectors were replaced, and installed free of charge (and without a fine).

We often think of old, run-down structures as fire hazards. However, new, lightweight, wood frame construction can have unprotected, structural components fail early under fire conditions.

Check your smoke detectors and install new batteries (spring and fall). Check the expiration date of the detector. Functioning detectors have saved countless lives.


John Gagnon, Kemptville


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