Letter to the editor – small town


Dear Editor,

It is a joy to live in a small town and community like Kemptville. Although it has been growing rapidly in recent years, it still provides a mix of old and new both in houses and businesses.

I experienced the friendliness of a local, well established business in the name of Hudson Auto Body shop on Prescott St. I dropped by yesterday to ask them what is best way to reattach a body moulding that was coming away from the side of my car.

A very cheerful young lady took a look at it and told me what needed to be done. She then went and told the owner, who was working on a vehicle. He came out right away with the necessary items to reattach the moulding and did the job in less than 10 minutes. I was very surprised and delighted, I asked how much I owed, and they said nothing! You certainly wouldn’t get that sort of service from the big box stores.

I did leave something in a collection jar for a person with cancer, as a token of my appreciation.

Nick Brooks


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