Letter to the editor – slow down


Dear Editor,

Respect your neighbours, slow down!

I’ve lived in Kemptville for the last 5 years. When we first moved here, the streets were safe and quiet. Kemptville has since grown tremendously and since then, things have changed. I’ve noticed more speed limit signs going up in neighbourhoods because of all the cars speeding up and down the streets. I’d like people to remember when they are driving down the street, that they are driving through a neighbourhood where people are sleeping, kids are playing, and people walking. I don’t think they would appreciate loud cars speeding by in their neighbourhood. We recently had a baby who can’t even sleep with two noise machines because of all the loud speeding cars and snowmobiles all day and all night. When our baby grows up, I’d like her to be able to cross the street without worrying about all of the speeding cars. From one Kemptville resident to another, please respect other neighbourhoods and keep them safe and quiet. Please Slow down.

A Kemptville Mom


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