Letter to the editor – Skate Park


Dear Editor,

RE: Skate Park in Merrickville

My name is Myles Devlin and I am 11 years old and I am a student at Merrickville Public School. I enjoy riding my scooter and hanging out with my friends at the park and library. My friends and I enjoy going to the skate park in Kemptville, Brockville, or Carleton Place. I believe the children and teenagers who live in the Village would like to have a skate park in Merrickville.

If a skate park were built in the village, I think it would benefit residents and tourists. It would help keep children active and want to try new things. I think it would bring more families to visit the village, and they would want to come back too. The visitors would shop and eat at the restaurants or chip wagons while they are here. I believe that going to the skate park helps people come together and make new friends.

I have attached a picture below to show some different skate park ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
Myles Devlin


  1. Ive said the same thing for years now. However being as kemptville and smiths falls have skateparks it would be much more cost efficient for the township to resurface the outdoor hockey rink in Merrickville and allow the local skateboarders/bikers/scooters to set up a variety of rails/ramps/boxes during the warmer months when the rink is rarely ever used! Many out door hockey rinks in the GTA (and Wakefield, QC) have been doing this for years and it really helps establishing a skateboard community, and also allows for children to gain experience in building various obstacles typically found at skateparks! Obviously the obstacles would have to be stored somewhere dry for the winter, but other than that this type of skatepark does not require much more assistance from the township, and instead becomes entirely a product of those who will be using the park! I know plenty of people who use the kemptville skatepark would be thrilled to have an opportunity like this, and would be eager to start building and ensuring the skatepark is clean and safe for everyone using it.


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