Letter to the editor – rolling through


Dear Editor,

I would like to address this letter to the woman driving the white SUV, who rolled through the stop sign and into me as I crossed Pine Hill Road at Clothier St., on Tuesday, October 30th at around 3:00 pm. I was already in the middle of the intersection when I saw you approaching the stop sign. I did not just blindly run out in front of your vehicle. IF YOU had stopped at the stop sign and the white line instead of rolling through, I wouldn’t have ended up kissing the hood of you vehicle. IF YOU had acknowledged you made a mistake and apologized, I wouldn’t be writing this letter to the newspaper. Your shrug and “what’s your problem” look was immature, irresponsible and downright rude. I know the chances are slim that you will read this letter as you obviously don’t understand even a simple word such as STOP.

K. Hamilton


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