Letter to the editor – rise of populism


Dear Editor,

Regarding letter to the editor by Kath Piche’ Feb 12, 2020.

The rise of populism is not some fascist event of the times, nor is it because of President Trump. It is because people, hard working everyday people, are sick and tired of do-nothing politicians, all talk and no action. Just look at our present state in Canada, commerce coming to a halt, violence by few, and the authorities sit on their hands while rail lines are shut down, thousands of people inconvenienced, and no one does anything. Where will it end?

Brexit, the murmurs of discontent in other EU countries to leave the snobs in Brussels and govern themselves as independent nations is on the rise. FBI, CIA, and DOJ of the former U.S administration trying to frame a man they didn’t want to be President, even though duly elected. Canadians arrested for taking down illegal barricades so they can go to work while the guilty go free. It works fine for the left and the elite, while we the citizens are taxed to hell for some looming environmental disaster while these very people fly in their private jets around the world telling us we have to consume less, drive less to reduce our carbon footprint.

It is all too much for people and they are responding at the ballot box, populism is not a bad word, it is a response and is gaining momentum in the world.

W. Scott Paterson


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