Letter to the editor – rail trail maintenance


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter from Craig Stevenson concerning the Rail Trail maintenance. The Kemptville Snowmobile Club has been involved as a partner from the beginning, when North Grenville purchased the abandoned line from CP Rail. We stepped up to help install signage and we were successful in obtaining an Ontario Tourism grant for the purchase of $20,000 worth of stone dust to smooth out the trail. We brought in our trail groomer to grade the stone dust to make the smooth pathway that the walkers could enjoy. In Winter, it is the snowmobile club’s equipment and volunteers that grooms the rail line and the Ferguson Forest, providing the well-packed surface for walking and skiing. Our club has received a lot of support from the people of North Grenville, so we are happy to provide this service to the community at no cost. There are times in the Fall and Spring when our grooming equipment is not active when the snow falls, and this is one of those times. The snow is early this year, and we are still preparing the trails, so our trail system is not open yet. Once things are frozen up and we have more snow, we will be out there making trails. We have enjoyed the multi-use trail, and are looking forward to another great Winter of snowmobiling and providing recreational trails in Kemptville for all to enjoy.

Bruce Robinson


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