Letter to the editor – Provincial Election


Dear Editor,

I was pleased to see last week’s Letter to the Editor by Mr. Colin Creasey. In it, he makes many worthwhile comments. The list of considerations and caveats he presents will be well noted by me, that is certain. And, I hope, others.

At the same time, his wise series of observations leaves an important question unanswered: Must we reward a corrupt, incompetent and infinitely unaccountable government by returning them to office once again? Must we, for fear of the opposition, retire in confusion and leave the field to a Liberal government which, for the sake of its own hold on power and its advantages, is tearing Ontario down?

Let’s look at some alternatives. How about the NDP? Well, if you want more of the same free-spending unaccountable style government, they are a good choice. It is impossible to penetrate the NDP connection with unions and its assortment of fringe minority special interests to have one’s interests heard. I have tried to represent Rural Ontario points of interest to both Liberals and NDP. To NO avail. Ever. Over 15 years.

Let’s contrast that with the reception I have received from Conservative Party representatives. Our MPP, Steve Clark, has responded to EVERY e-mail concerning a variety of issues which I have sent to him over the last 15 years. Other Conservative instances have been equally responsive. Others of my acquaintance have had this experience as well. Steve has even represented two of my projects in the Legislature itself at Queen’s Park, one of which dealt with my opposition to a local pit, the other with my vision for a local Rural Summit.

Basically, I suggest that, if you are a citizen who understands that YOUR job as a citizen doesn’t end when you vote, Steve Clark is your man. And he’s Conservative. He listens. He acts. He has personal stature and influence. He will be responsive and carry your concerns to the highest level of his party. And THAT is important. His e- mail is : info@ steveclarkmpp.com.

Let him know your concerns.

I thank Mr. Creasey for his wise words. I hope you, my dear neighbours and fellow citizens, will read mine with favour as well.

Jim Bertram


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