Letter to the Editor – Protect Historical Records


Dear Editor,

Those who write articles, letters, and diaries are writing our history. Carry on, or pick up a pen!

And don’t leave it all in electronic/digital form, either. No telling what may happen to the global computer networks that we call “the cloud” under massive cyberattack. Much of our recent history may be lost.

Even our personal “backup” technologies are vulnerable. Can you read those floppy disks now? All those boxes of flat plastic squares in our attics and closets? And for how long will we be able to access what’s on CDs as their technology is being replaced by USB microchips?

Some of the plastic and metal contrivances to which we’ve entrusted our history have already shown themselves to be vulnerable to oxidization and electromagnetic fields… but ink on paper persists if protected from fire and water. Ancient writings are still legible. Print out your backups, folks, and keep writing our history – these are unprecedented times!

REMINDER: North Grenville Historical Society holds 200 years of our local history in its archives. It needs our support now and into the future. Become a member, volunteer, donate historical records, and donate funds! NGHS provides tax receipts as a non-profit, charitable organization, so consider that when you’re doing your 2020 taxes.

And remind our Municipal government that keeping our historical records safe is an Essential Service! The old Court House requires upgrading to properly protect the archives. Without improvement, conditions can only deteriorate.

Aleta Karstad


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