Letter to the editor – Proposed Salary Increase For Council


Dear Editor,

Open letter to NG Council re Proposed Salary Increase For Council – 2020

Hi, just showing support for the proposed salary increase for council and a recommendation that it be increased much higher. For 2020, the mayor’s salary should be increased to $50,000 annually, and each councillor should be at $28,000 annually. Given the amount of responsibility and work load council has, these salaries are easily justified. Your decisions and policies made on council (whether they be good decisions or poor decisions) can impact the municipality for years or decades, hence higher salaries are warranted. Look what NG pays their CAO ($170,000 plus). I am not sure why council would waste $2,500 for an independent consultant to enquire what surrounding municipal councils are paid when you could have had an administrative person at NG make some phone calls and do the math at a fraction of the cost to the taxpayers.

Please feel free to forward my email to the consultant who is proposing the salary increases and mention that she/he is still under-paying the current council on the proposed salaries based on your workload and the fact that there are only four councillors for NG (some of the surrounding municipal councils have six councillors, plus the mayor, with a much lower tax revenue.

Roger Giroux


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