Letter to the Editor – Property Maintenance


Dear Editor,

Years of effort to get a neighbour to take care of their adjoining property have failed. All we have been asking is that the owner of the roughly half acre property mow it occasionally during the growing season. It’s not just about aesthetics, but that land has become a weed farm, spreading weed seed all over the neighbourhood. Other owners of vacant lots in the area regularly mow their properties.

Finally, we initiated a formal complaint under the Municipality’s property standards bylaw, because the land is not maintained to “local standards”, as required by that bylaw. The Municipality refuses to enforce the bylaw. Why? Because the land is their property and the Director of Public Works does not want to mow it.

Should one conclude by this debacle that an employee of this Municipality gets to choose whether or not a Municipal law is enforced? Does it reveal a conflict of interest with respect to bylaw enforcement? And what about the Councillor responsible for liaison with Public Works? Well, he simply washed his hands of the matter and kowtowed to Public Works.

Victor Jarjour


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