Letter to the editor – Prescott Street


Dear Editor,

Why is it that a person has to call or complain to the township before action is taken? One can see why our local BIA bangs their heads against a brick wall when they want to get things done.

Prescott street is a disgrace! Snow removal should have been done after the first and every snowfall we get, they would not have a mess like we do now.

People, especially the elderly, CANNOT navigate the mountains of ice and snow on the side of the sidewalks. It is very difficult for passengers to get out of a parked car. One has to stop in the middle of the road, put your flashers on and let your passenger out, you are taking your life into your hands especially if you are heading south and the sun is in your eyes.

The Christmas trees were a lovely addition to the downtown, however, it would have been great for all the Christmas trees to be picked up all at the same time, this would have been a great project again for the Youth Group to achieve their community hours.

It would also be a great improvement if all the landlords would keep the front of their property clean.

Margaret Gibson


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