Letter to the editor – Premier Kathleen Wynne


Dear Editor,

Premier Kathleen Wynne wanted to remain in power at all costs and the provincial debt didn’t matter to her. One would think it was more ego related when Wynne announced her pre-election plan and fair hydro plan, by 2020-2021 our provincial debt was expected to hit $370 billion we already pay over a billion a month in interest .

Premier Wynne stated our hydro rates would’ve been tied to inflation for four to five years, but a secret Liberal document leaked showed our hydro rates would’ve increased to seven per cent for five years, through years six to 10; then 12 per cent annually afterwards which the Liberas denied.

This Liberal hydro plan did nothing to lower our cost per kilowatt-hour on our hydro bill or to produce affordable hydro, but only added more money for the people who the Liberals decided to reward with hydro contracts for donating to the Liberal Party or Liberal hacks, Liberal insiders, lobbyists, and bankers etc by extending their contracts, this plan was just another boondoggle to cover up the Liberals’ failed energy experiment.

So what is the true cost on this liberal failed energy experiment once you add everything up?

In 2003, hydro was 4.3 cent a kWh all day long, before the Liberals came to office. Under the Liberals, hydro rates have risen roughly 225 per cent, so a 25 per cent discount is nothing. The liberal hydro plan hurt us as they failed to see we must produce affordable kWh hydro and not produce hydro at any cost or a pre-election bribe of temporary discount relief that got added on to our provincial debt. To Doug Ford tear up the Green Energy act scam to get Ontario fair hydro rates once again, also it was nice to see not one past or current liberal energy minister re-elected and the liberal party reduced to a non status party as this speaks volumes to the damage they have done to Ontario

Ross Ayotte, Smiths Falls


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