Letter to the Editor – Premier Doug Ford


Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on Premier Doug Ford’s sales pitch during the election and after, where he states he is “For the People.” At election time, I wondered which people?  Obviously, after Bill 23 being put forward, he is for the big developers and really couldn’t be bothered by too many other people or anything else. I saw on the news where Bill 23 allows a developer to develop land without the neighbouring landowners being notified. The notification allows them to say how the development would affect them, and not giving them this opportunity certainly squashes the landowners’ rights. For example, part of our property consists of the protected wetlands that are southeast of Kemptville, and there are many other people who own lands in these protected wetlands. I could have a neighbour who decides to sell their wetlands to a developer, who then drains the wetlands to build a housing development. There goes the beavers, muskrats, otters, mink, weasels, fishers, snapping turtles, painted turtles, blanding’s turtles, the frog species, at least three that I know of, there are probably more, the great blue herons, the green backed herons, the american bitterns, soras, common moorhens, wood ducks, mallards, canada geese, yellow warblers, common yellowthroats, northern waterthrush, tree swallows, swamp sparrows, alder flycatchers, marsh wrens, black-billed cuckoos, mourning doves, red-winged blackbirds, the stickleback fish, the leeches, the water insects, plus the transients who stop over on their migrations, swans, ring-necked ducks, hooded mergansers, lesser yellowlegs, least sandpipers.  All of these are what we have seen on our part of the wetlands, and there are probably more I have forgotten. We also have some forested areas that include my Forest Songbird Monitoring stations. The forest would eventually die, displacing those birds, many more species to name, the deer would leave, the coyotes, foxes, porcupines, snowshoe hares, toads, snakes and salamanders. We would be left with people’s dogs running on our property, which happens now. I guess the saying “everything is going to the dogs” really does apply. It seems Doug Ford doesn’t care about much, except for the big developers.

And who does he think he is criticizing Jim Watson for not being transparent with his council, when Doug Ford and Steve Clark have not been transparent with the Municipality and the people of North Grenville about choosing Kemptville for a new Correctional Centre? What a Hypocrite!

Lynn Paibomesai



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