Letter to the editor – populism


Dear Editor,

In response to letter writer W. Scott Paterson, maybe populism isn’t necessarily fascism, but it seems that this word, used in these times, always seems to be in close relation to bigotry, with supremacists and the alt-right, and that is exactly what Hitler wanted, only the white race, no Jews, no gypsies, no homosexuals, no people of colour. This appears to be close to the policy of the present U.S. President.

The man is a criminal, plain and simple. The FBI, CIA, and DOJ didn’t try to frame him because they didn’t want him to be President. I certainly would question the duly elected part. Maybe Mr. Paterson should read a few of the many books written about his friend Mr. Trump. One, written by the former speech writer for George W. Bush, is among many other books out there.

Mr. Trump definitely does not have a clean slate. If this were a just world, he would be wearing more orange than his hair and his face.

Kath. Piché


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