Letter to the editor – populism


Dear Editor,

Thank you Mr. Patterson for writing your letter concerning populism. It is natural for people to become angry when they rightly understand that they are being economically exploited by their government and when they see the government fail in the enforcement of the rule of law. Civilized societies express that anger through peaceful protest and the ballot box.

Government has an important and necessary role in the project of civilization. However, it has proven that it is largely unable to efficiently manage money and resources.

Government suffers from what I would like to call “monopoly syndrome”. In economics, a monopoly has very few effective pricing signals in order to match its product or service delivery with what the customer requires. Because monopolies have no competition, they get away with abuse of customers through excessive costs, poor delivery of products and services, the delivery of unwanted products and services, and the preferential delivery of products and services to favoured individuals and interest groups at the expense of others. Is it any wonder that we see those favoured by the government garner a greater share of the economic pie? It is morally reprehensible that government employees receive salaries, benefits, and pensions far above those obtainable for the vast majority of people in the private sector. Meanwhile, the private sector peasants are supposed to contend with increasing taxation and fees. Now, a group of people have shut down the rail system, and the government does nothing. What, are we supposed to starve before they do anything?

The teachers are again on strike when they already have great salaries, benefits, pensions, early retirement, and summer holidays that last for two months. Oh right, it’s about the students. So much for public “service”. Looks like self-service to me.

Stephen Hammond


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