Letter to the editor – PMO


Dear Editor,

Whatever happened to Trudeau preaching a woman’s voice must be heard and believed? Jody Wilson Raybould is very well respected for her incredible honesty and a person who could not be bought in a political party to tow the party line. In fact, she should file a workplace harassment charge against the prime minister of Canada and the PMO’s office.

Our feminist prime minister, who states he is a champion of woman rights and the rights of minority woman, is a complete fabrication as if he was a true champion of women’s rights and of minority woman’s rights, he would not have treated Jody Wilson Raybould the way he did or allow the PMO’s office to harass her to change her mind.

What we know is Trudeau and the PMO’s office did not want Jody Wilson Raybould to fulfil her duties to the best of her ability and get SNC Lavalin a deal at any cost to get the liberal vote and keep the liberal vote in Quebec and then Trudeau states he was worried about jobs in Quebec but Trudeau does not seem too concerned about saving jobs and getting jobs back in Western Canada in the oil fields as his liberal government is putting policies in place that are killing jobs in the west. Maybe Trudeau should start paying attention to all of Canada’s jobless people.

Jody Wilson Raybould’s political career as a liberal may be over because of her honesty and integrity and no one was going to force her to change her mind but then Justin once stated woman may perceive things differently than men.

Here is a direct quote from Justin Trudeau ‑ A woman who comes forward with complaints of sexual assault and harassment must be supported and believed, CBC had reported on Jan 31, 2018, so why does Justin Trudeau refuse to support and believe Jody Wilson Raybould.

Ross Ayotte


  1. I don’t see how Raybould’s issue with the PMO office has anything to do with men listening to woman about serial assault. For good or bad, Trudeau is likely not acting differently because she is a woman. Everything negative or positive to a woman or even a minority person should be assumed to be of equal footing unless evidence shows otherwise. Assuming an inequality based upon race or sex is just another form of inequality

  2. JWR has never claimed to be a victim of harassment. You and the rest of the Trudeau haters are the ones making this about her sex, when it’s 100% about her performance and ability to do the job she was give. Give it a rest.


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