Letter to the Editor – ParticipACTION


Dear Editor,

A few days ago, I joined the ParticipACTION challenge for communities across Canada throughout June – pleased to discover that the ParticipACTION app I uploaded, automatically receives all my “steps” from the Health app on my phone.

Now I’m “in the running” so to speak – with my level of activity contributing to the total activity of everyone in North Grenville who are also plugged into ParticipACTION through the month of June. When I’m not walking or running (collecting steps) with my phone, I can report my other activities and minutes manually on the app – probably on any browser too.

The exciting thing for me is North Grenville’s standing in all this… we rank FIRST of the 391 participating communities in Ontario – and not only that… we rank FIRST in Canada! The “grand prize” to the top community will be $100,000. I think our increasingly active Mayor has plans for this prize money to develop trails etc.

I’m increasingly active myself now too, since I’ve joined our community challenge – walking twice a day instead of maybe twice a week… and soon to begin running a bit too. As an almost-70-year-old, I’m looking forward to getting stronger rather than weaker at this point in my life.

There’s lots of time yet this month to lose our first place in the province or the nation – so I hope more North Grenvillians join the Mayor and me in logging our steps or active minutes in ParticipACTION. I’m going out walking now – be back in 10 minutes!

Aleta Karstad


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