Letter to the Editor – Ontario Optometrist


Dear Editor,

Excellent article on the plight of optometry in Ontario and the effect it may have on those 19 and under and or 65 and older.

Optometrists are vitally important for all the reasons listed in your article and with a population that is living longer, in better shape and not wanting to live with depreciated eye sight, business is booming and optometrists are seeing many more patients year over year. A great number of those patients are over 65 but optometric offices have adapted, employing opticians, selling glasses, frames and contacts with handsome profit margins. I fall inside the 19 to 65 bracket and my last yearly visit was $175.00; could our tax dollars be spent more wisely.

My point is, post pandemic prices are rising in all sectors, cost of living has risen sharply in the past number of months, our federal and provincial debt is through the roof due to the pandemic and taxes will obviously need to rise, so even our grand kids will be paying this dept down, so do we need to procreate this problem.

My question being, at what point do we just say no?

Ian Gauthier


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