Letter to the editor – open letter to Council


Open Letter to North Grenville Council

Amalgamation of our recreation services seemed to me to be a good idea, when I was a Kemptville Town Councillor; but, not at the cost of having all taxpayer funded recreation in Kemptville.

A little history seems appropriate. It is about reasonable accessibility. As defined here: walking distance. When I moved to my home in Kemptville, my children walked to school in the morning, home for lunch, back to school and home after school. Good exercise! Then the Catholic School Board offered busing. So, in what I perceived was a grab for per pupil student funding, the Public Board also offered a bus. Now tax payers paid to bus my kids to school (same house) and home again after school: as well, as a person to supervise them at lunch time.

My questions are: what does the Municipality think is an appropriate walking distance and two what percentage of our population actually walk to our taxpayer funded recreation facilities? How is reasonable accessibility for all of North Grenville defined?

Pamela Gordon


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