Letter to the editor – open and honest representation


Dear Editor,

Hoping for Open and Honest Representation

I read Jim Bertram’s platform in last week’s paper, but what I didn’t see was a promise to finally have a council committed to open and honest meetings with the public being informed on the important, serious and even small decisions that effect them. The past council has held several in-camera meetings that I feel were unwarranted and downright petty. There was one held in February where our perceived disrespect for the council was discussed and then a letter of defence sent to this paper. One of the most recent ones was the closed meeting to discuss whether or not Curry Park should have a new dock to replace the damaged one – really??? If something so little as this, which gives our residents so much summer pleasure, has to be so secret, what else of a more dire nature has been dis- cussed behind closed doors? I am supporting candidates that I know will keep the next council open and accountable and I encourage everyone to take a hard look and choose carefully on October 22. We deserve to know what is happening in our township as there are so very many serious issues at play.

Ralph Raina
Former Mayor of Kemptville


  1. Clearly, Ralph Raina did not understand Jim Bertram’s multi-point platform piece, nor been aware of his ongoing battle or openness on council.


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