Letter to the editor – Ontario Government


Dear editor,

I note from Mr Creasey’s letter of last week that, never having apparently taken the time to actually read my numerous articles and commentaries, he attempts to interpret my thinking. He really shouldn’t. He should limit himself to exposing his own thinking, since he plainly and perhaps purposely mis-represents mine.

For example, he suggests that I only own a single analytical lens, that being “narrow” and “financial”. The reality is that, unlike Mr. Creasey, I can refer to multiple ideas at once when assessing policy. The economic reality which Mr. Creasey so blithely dismisses has a direct relationship to every important public policy topic one might name. Are you interested in Health Care? You should be. I am. Given Canada’s economic challenges over the last several years, and Covid-19 in particular, the economy is functioning much less productively than in the past. This is, of course, of no great matter to Mr. Creasey. But readers, ask yourselves: where will the tax revenues come from to pay for the ever-increasing costs of our vitally important provincially supported health system? Do the finances for that just magically appear? Ah well , we can just keep on borrowing , can’t we ? Sure. But as our credit rating declines, the cost of borrowing (interest) goes up. And less and less of your taxes go to paying for services. And the borrowing ride comes to an end eventually. Ask countries like Argentina and Greece, et al.

That is just one policy example. Of course, what the Left takes from such a statement, insofar as they read it at all, is that Bertram just cares about his “narrow financial lens”. Those who read completely and for meaning, though, understand that I care about health care for our people, among other things. Having a well-managed, sturdy economy and fiscal system are but the means to that end. Not really that hard to understand, Mr. Creasey. I could make the same connection for every other public policy area touched by government. If you don’t take care of your economic base, the rest comes crashing down. Every responsible householder who manages a budget in North Grenville knows that. At the end of the day, the person who cares most for his family and his neighbours, province, country will require that government attend to its finances in a reasonable way, thus achieving the best policy results for the people of his or her community. To do less is destructively negligent.

Furthermore, Mr. Creasey wonders how I can accuse him of “making up facts” and, at the same time, state that his letter was “fact-free”. Well, it’s not so hard. It’s logic. A “made-up fact” is a non-fact. Not a fact, in fact. It’s a non-fact. Therefore, a set of made up facts is a factual vacuum. Just as a non-human is not a human. Or a “nonsense” is not sensible. Apparently, Mr. Creasey believed that a collection of “made-up” facts were equivalent to facts. Dear, oh dear. Just not so, Mr. Creasey.

As this letter is getting long, and I fear Dr. Shanahan may decide to charge me for the paper I’m using (just a joke folks – my narrow financial lens again), I should conclude. While Mr. Creasey will doubt this, I am an equal opportunity critic of government, whatever the party or level. But Mr. Creasey is only a critic of conservative governments, a great error.

He mentions the deplorable record of nursing homes as an example of government failure. He is correct there. This situation must be rectified, but Mr Creasey seems to believe the problems exist only in privately- run establishments. However, I would like to see a comparison of the results of both public and private nursing homes. Are such figures for Ontario available? Results I have heard from Québec show similar outcomes in both types of homes. The real point here is that such outcomes are deplorable and must be critiqued with proposals to rectify them, whether these enterprises are publicly or privately owned. Finally , I do in any case thank Mr. Creasey for his zestful defense of his case. On the average, there are very few people in North Grenville who take the time to put forward their thinking on matters of public interest as he regularly does. I wish it were different, and I underline Dr.Shanahan’s offer of space to those who would do so. But again – thank you, Mr. Creasey, for your time and effort to bring information to the people of North Grenville.

Jim Bertram.


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