Letter to the editor – Ontario Government


Dear Editor,

Thanks to Steve Clark for his informative response to Colin Creasey’s typical overheated, fact-free tirade of three weeks ago. If it was not apparent to readers before, it must surely be clear by now that Mr. Creasey’s political allegiance clouds his vision to a great degree. One can certainly make the facts up if one so chooses in a weak attempt at fiction. But in the real world one needs facts.

Mr. Creasey’s article could have been so much better. He was certainly right to underline the temptation troubling times pose for politicians to enhance their power and to engage in over-reach for more power. That is, unfortunately, what so many politicians do when opportunity presents itself. I commend Mr. Creasey for his interest in warning citizens about this at the particular time of challenge posed by the Covid-19 crisis. He is correct in this basic approach. At least, I believe he is.

But one must get the examples right. Keep your eyes on the government of Ontario, Mr. Creasey, for real examples. At the same time, you and other alert and watchful citizens may wish to extend your field of oversight to the actions of the federal government as well – to its attempts to extend its spending without parliamentary supervision and control until the end of 2021; to its successful attempts to sideline the federal parliament and ensure that the PM’s daily commentaries represent the entirety of federal politics for some time to come. And so on.

Finally, government overreach is a real and growing problem. It is not limited to one party or level of government. If we can’t rid ourselves of petty party affiliations in assessing such problems, we will not be able to adequately deal with it. Can we do that?

Jim Bertram


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