Letter to the Editor – Ontario Dental Plan


Dear Editor,

re: Ontario Dental PLan

I have gone down this path of applying to the Ontario Dental Plan for my brother and I found it wanting, at least for our area.  Not for coverage, but for access.

When you say “present your card to your dental provider”, that is misleading.  You are not allowed to go to your own local dentist.  

Leeds Grenville Health Unit who administers the program decided not to pay for services rendered, but to pay the annual salaries of 4 dentists.  

One in Brockville, Perth, Wesport and Smith’s Falls.  

Kemptville clients must only use these dentists to access the program.  Hardly convenient for my brother who does not drive.  

Furthermore, your access to these dentists is only til the end of August and you do not know if you qualify for treatment the following year, until the next income tax year is over.  

In the meantime you may have lost your former dentist which in our case would be Creekside Dental…who by the way, are currently seeing patients under the Ontario Senior’s Dental plan, but these patients are entering from the Ottawa Health Unit not Leeds Grenville.  So how crazy is that!

Sorry, but I am not driving my brother down 2-400 series highways to Brockville for a 20 min teeth cleaning.  

He’ll be going to our dentist in Kemptville and I will somehow find a way to fund it myself.

The dental plan had such potential but not for us.

Elaine McGreavy 



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