Letter to the Editor – Ontario Dental Plan


Dear Editor,

I read your article on the senior’s dental program yesterday. I fit the criteria so I have just completed and submitted the form to the Ministry of Health; however, their information page lists, under Eligibilty, “Meet income requirements, Annual net income of $22,200 or less’ for singles and $37,100 for couples, just as your article says.

Obviously I somewhat ‘skimmed’ the Terms and Conditions of the program and, after submitting the form online, I printed it to send them the signed copy. Which is when I noticed that, in the actual declaration, the criteria is $19,300 for singles and $32,300 for couples. So I now don’t qualify.

I’ve sent them a letter along with the signed form but just wanted to let you know of the discrepancy between their information page and the actual application.  Nothing to do with your reporting – this is all on them!

Lesley McGhee



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