Letter to the editor – offended


Dear Editor,

I was offended by a letter writer in the NG Times, accusing another resident of being insane. I enjoy reading the letters to the Editor of the NG Times, because I can learn what is on the residents’ minds. However, Colin Creasey’s last letter to the NG Times crossed the boundary of decency. Creasey in his letters, which are normally long-winded, accuses Jim Bertram, in his last letter to the Editor (July22), of being ‘insane”.

Although he did not use the word “insane” exactly, he uses the definition of insanity, which is actually the same thing. Although I do not know Mr. Bertram and/ or Mr. Creasey personally, I believe that ‘in a sustainable society’ we need to respect one another, regardless of our political affiliation and/ or religion. I enjoy my relationship with the residents in North Grenville for over the past 45 years.

The expression of the human mind in a letter to the Editor reflects the expression of the writer’s character.

‘Hate and /or resentment are heavy burden to carry’ (John Lewis). I like to end this letter with the famous garden quote: “The Mind is a Garden, the Thoughts are the Seeds, we can grow Flowers, or we can grow Weeds”. In other words: “Let’s use our thoughts wisely when writing to the Editor of the North Grenville Times”.

William J. Langenberg, M.Sc. Env. Biol.


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