Letter to the editor – off-leash dogs


Dear Editor,

Most of the people I encounter in Ferguson are dog walkers and most are courteous. Exercising your dog off leash is a privilege that should be reserved for well trained dogs owned by responsible owners.

It is a completely different issue than picking up after your dog. Indeed it is probably those leashed dogs that are more likely to poop on or close to the path. I walk my dog for exercise. Nothing could be more boring for either of us than standing around in a nasty barren dog park.

I have walked dogs on Ferguson Forest for decades and it is my experience that people walking dogs off leash usually indicate from a dis- tance whether their dog is okay with other dogs.

My dogs have always been trained to stay close and come to heel immediately if told so. I always leash my dog when approaching other people and so do most people I meet.

I don’t condone irresponsible behaviour but I am very pro off-leash exercise. If it is necessary to have special licensing to do so I am fine with that too.

Chris Mercer


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