Letter to the Editor – Numbers


Dear Editor,

I would like to thank John Baldwin for his wonderful Remembrance Day poem. Please keep writing your column, John. Thank you, again.

I would also like to comment on Willem Van Dam’s letter to the Editor in the November 17, 2022 edition of the North Grenville Times. My work life was entirely in the Accounting field and I find Mr. Van Dam’s use of the big numbers he has quoted, quite meaningless. The numbers will only mean something financially if they are broken down into the areas that the money was spent on and why. Oh, and the current Government under Ford, having to deal with COVID, are those numbers before or after the Federal Government money that was given to the Province to deal with COVID? And anyway, I thought the current Government said they were in a surplus! Maybe I missed which area the surplus is in? I also heard that they are allocating money to renovate old health facilities and build new health facilities to create 6,000 new beds for patients. (Big construction companies will benefit from that, I’m sure) That’s great, but…… who will staff these facilities? We are facing a nurse and doctor shortage, that is why Emergency Rooms are overwhelmed, a lot of people don’t have family doctors and there are not enough nurses. Maybe if the current Government had paid the nurses and doctors what they should have been for taking such incredible care of the people of this Province, we wouldn’t be in this crisis. All I can say is Good Luck trying to straighten this mess out.

Lynn Paibomesai



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