Letter to the editor – North Gower Mega Warehouse


Dear Editor,

My daughter and her husband were finally able to live their dream by moving to North Gower to a country home.

Recently that dream has been shattered. She has been devastated by the plans to build a mega warehouse in North Gower. She has not been the same since she learned of these plans and the negative impact on North Gower.

Development, as allowed by original bylaws, was not an issue for them. I believe generally that people depend on things like zoning bylaws in determining where they may live. These bylaws should only be changed if approved by residents who have invested in North Gower.

Personally, I cannot grasp why the city of Ottawa seems to be OK with this monstrous facility. I also cannot understand how owners of a large corporation like Broccolini can sleep at night knowing how they are affecting the residents of North Gower. I assume they are getting one heck of a deal on this land. Is the money, etc. at stake here for all parties worth ruining the lives of so many people? Why is a company from Montreal receiving such special treatment.

I would like to suggest that North Gower residents send their letters, etc. to Broccolini and Montreal media.

Please Broccolini and Ottawa move this facility to a suitable area.

A concerned father
(name supplied)


  1. Zoning is a controversial issue in North America partly because of how it was settled. I have been lucky to visit older established cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, Bombay and Zurich. These cities, although beautiful with certain areas historical, are a mishmash of buildings beyond the artistic government and cathedral areas.

    Homeowners seem to have the notion that by buying a lot for a house they can exert control on their neighbors. You own what you own, but not what you don’t.


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