Letter to the editor – No Parking


Dear Editor,

As a 34-year resident, and taxpayer in Kemptville, I am confused as to why some streets in Kemptville have Parking signs and others do not. Maybe I’m sounding a bit “tongue in cheek” after getting a parking violation ticket and fine. The incident occurred on Hilltop Crescent, signed a ‘No Exit’ road. Many people park on it and walk across to the Health Centre, Hospital, and Service Ontario. There are no Parking restriction signs visible. Common sense dictates one doesn’t park across a private driveway; but nothing says one can’t park on the road.

According to the local bylaw enforcement officer, that particular Crescent is deemed as a ‘Cul-de-sac’, as it has a turning circle at the end and, therefore, it is not permissible to park on the curve. That does make sense, as first responding vehicles might need to get by in an emergency. However, a No Parking sign on either side of the curve indicating this would clarify the situation. I feel the town is deliberately not putting signs there in order to generate a ‘cash grab’. I have read the bylaws regarding parking in Kemptville and it clearly says in section 5: Designated “NO PARKING” AREAS: 5.2 “Where authorized signs to that effect are on display, no person shall park a vehicle or trailer at any time within the highway or portion of highway named or described in Schedule “B” as a “No Parking” area.” – Hilltop Crescent is NOT on Schedule B.

Another oddity is that on Cranberry Hill Crescent there are ten No Parking signs (one side of the road only), on the first half of the North side, and none on the second half of the crescent. It is a wide road to start with, properties have big frontages and large driveways. Why you need any parking restrictions on a quiet residential street such as that is beyond comprehension.

We have been pleased with the addition of several new ‘All Way’ stop signs and pedestrian cross walks around town and, in general, there have been many good improvements to our town in the past decade; but I question the reasoning behind this ‘No Parking’ Campaign.

We are law abiding citizens of our community, and getting a ticket in this matter leaves a bitter taste.

Nick Brooks and Denise Marlay


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