Letter to the editor- new speed limit


Dear Editor,

It might be a good idea to reduce the speed limit to 40k/hr on all streets in Kemptville. One road where it should be reduced is on Van Buren Street coming into Kemptville from the East off Hwy 43. Traffic is supposed to reduce from 80k/hr to 60k/ hr at Town Line. It then again changes to 40k/hr around Bridge Street. Most traffic comes across the over pass well in excess of the posted 60k/hr sometimes closer to 90k/hr.

There are several driveways on both sides of the road, so it has always been dangerous for homeowners exiting their property. This stretch of road is getting even busier now as it’s used to access River Road to the Colonnade shopping development which is growing again with more shops being built now. It will only get busier when HWY 43 expansion begins, which is expected to last 2-3 years. In the past twenty years there has only been a few police cars monitoring the speed limit. It would be an ideal place for police enforcement, and the money collected from fines could help finance the cost of new signs and other expenses. I realize that this is a too-simplistic idea, probably due to layers of bureaucracy between the township, county boundaries, and police department

Name withheld by request.


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