Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Re: New Legislation to Protect Farmers, Farm Animals and Food Supply.

Where are the advocates for the animals? I think I have heard that the inspectors in these cases have been cut back significantly.

I feel that during their “happy” ride to their demise, the animals are not exactly handled with love, care, or patience. Where are the penalties if an animal is abused in this process?
Because the industry contributed $47.7 billion in GDP to the provincial economy and employed more than 837,000 people, we should not concern ourselves with the plight of the animals? This would be the reason I prefer to be vegetarian, almost vegan. I believe it is better for my health, the environment and of course the animals. In factory farms, they are born to live a miserable life and then die a more miserable death.

Kath Piché


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